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Schedule 2014

  • January            Annual Aids Show 2013 - 14
  • February          Artist and friends of the Village
  • March               Angela Myers
  • April                 Kathy Barnes
  • May                  (2) De LaSalle Elementary School, Chuck Johnson
  • June/July          Centro Cultural Latino De Memphis
  • August             Indra Swunner &  Durga Swunner
  • September       Jennie Miller
  • October            Tiffany Johnson Cade
  • November        TBA
  • December        [choice] Life Over Aids Show

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Create Community

Create Community is an ecumenical business project that seeks to build local relationships through the arts while providing training and employment opportunities for individuals currently living in poverty. Their goal is to develop and produce well-designed and affordable handmade goods. Caritas currently needs old T-shirts and cloth material, drop off your donations at the Village, thank you.

There were 23 entries, those selected are not only of high quality, but can also be tweaked and fine tuned to produce a variety of products. 


Kathy Barns present:

Framing White Privilege

April 1 - 25

Reception and panel to be announced

Unearthing, acknowledging and archiving White Privilege is the primary focus of my work. My work falls within the ideological category of Post Colonial strategies and interrogations that are based on the writings of Edward Said’s Orientalism that critiques the idea that Western Society is developed, rational, flexible and superior.

Disparity of power have been pondered for quite some time by socially conscious artists like John Thomson, Jacob Riis, Lewis Hine, Gordon Parks, and Dorothea Lange that created photographs that focused on the disempowered and marginalized people in our communities. Bringing the human condition into our line of vision, these artists began to visually prick our conscience.

Kathy Barns Photographer

Kathy Barnes

My approach deviates from their method of searching, finding and photographically documenting the marginalized.  Instead, my focus is on the group of people, including myself, that have power and privilege because of the color of our skin.  I manipulate the photographic medium, through stitching multiple digital images together to create a single image.  In addition to altering the images, my intentions are not to create a believable pictorial illusion, but to reveal that a socially constructed illusion is being disrupted.  Denial or not acknowledging the centrality or neutrality of whiteness is the illusion that is being interrupted.

For this work, I engaged in discussion with each participant about a site and we would agree upon a location that was directly related to his or her own White Privilege experiences. In my photographs items are chosen that speak to their status while simultaneously acknowledges their white privilege as an asset. It is because of these items that we look at the site in a different way and additionally the site itself informs us to look at the objects in a newly informed way.

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