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Caritas Hope Gallery

Schedule 2014

  • January            Annual Aids Show 2013 - 14
  • February          Artist and friends of the Village
  • March               Angela Myers
  • April                 Kathy Barnes
  • May                  Chuck Johnson
  • June/July          Centro Cultural Latino De Memphis
  • August             Indra Sunuwar &  Durga Sunuwar
  • September       Jennie Miller
  • October            Tiffany Johnson Cade
  • November        Civil Rights Exhibition
  • December        [choice] Life Over Aids Show

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Jenny Miller
Jenny Miller




Potential is Universal: Whether we are constrained by our environment or nourished through it, so much is determined by our neighbors and neighborhood. Potential may be universal but opportunity is not. The foundation of our society is not how we set ourselves apart but how we reach out to others. As members of a community, we all have a choice to be the source of encouragement or exclusion.In the work shown, the isolation of color and use of a dominant outline calls attention to the importance of the individuals within the communal landscape. Our connections and dependence upon each other is echoed in the quilt’s pattern, maps and power lines.

Centro Cultural Latino de Memphis


Caritas Village’s teen program will center on the core mission by offering art workshops, gardening projects, and community builiding activities for enrolled youth. Please note, all teens who would like to be at Caritas Village after school must enroll and participate in program.

Start date: September 8, 2014, Time: 4:00 to 6:00, Monday through Friday* Cost: $40.00 per week – fees due at the beginning of each month**

For more information, or to enroll your child, please contact Program Coordinator Penny Dodds at (520) 850-4106 or
*We will follow the De La Salle school calendar and run program when school is in session for a full-day.**Program will run with a minimum of 10 participants enrolled monthly.


Overton High Art 2

Caritas Peacemakers Art Class

Latino Art Group

Will present exhibitions, performances, dialogue and art talks through out the summers here at Caritas Village. Centro Cultural Latino de Memphis celebrates and promotes awareness of the Latino cultural richness and diversity, interpreted through the Arts.

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Caritas hours of operation: 9am - 8pm, Monday - Saturday
Closed on Sundays and the Holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.