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Schedule 2015

  • January            Group Show: Black History Month
  • February          Group Show: Black History Month
  • March               Louis Sanders
  • April                 Angela Myers & Dawn Kimble
  • May                  The Village People Show (Photos)
  • June                 Centro: Stephanie Cosby
  • July                  Centro:
  • September       George Welty "My Africa"
  • October            Vinodini Jayaraman
  • November         TBA
  • Dec/Jan 2016    Holiday Group Show

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Photographer: Bill Piacesi


Bill is a photographer with 26 years of professional experience. He moved to Memphis over 4 years ago and coming face to face with the poverty that is here inspired me to use my skills to help create a better Memphis using photography.

He was selected as the 2014 Caritas Village artist-in-residence and my project is to spend a year in the Binghampton neighborhood of Memphis and create a "portrait" of the neighborhood. This will include the people, places, things, events, etc. that define what it means to live in Binghamton.

The Binghampton neighborhood is in transition. It was one of "THE" Memphis neighborhoods to live in a long time ago but, over time, many factors have lead to neighborhood falling into disrepair. Recently, a revitalization has begun. Broad Avenue has reinvented itself as new center local arts in Memphis.

Young people arriving in Memphis are discovering the joys of living in within the boundaries of the city and the lower prices now found in Binghampton make it an attractive choice. Longtime Memphians are returning to this neighborhood realizing that the best way to help is to live within the community and becoming good neighbors. The Binghampton neighborhood is a mix of diverse people. It includes immigrants from Central America, refugees from war-torn African countries and the working poor.

Bill felt that a large, public display of art, being a common theme throughout the neighborhood, is a good way to spark conversations amongst this diverse population. He worked with Caroline Orr and the "Inside Out Memphis" project to produce large (5'x10') vinyl portrait panels which will be displayed on some of the commercial buildings in the neighborhood. The portraits will be of residents of Binghampton! This part of the project is still in the planning stage.


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Latino Art Group

Will present exhibitions, performances, dialogue and art talks through out the summers here at Caritas Village. Centro Cultural Latino de Memphis celebrates and promotes awareness of the Latino cultural richness and diversity, interpreted through the Arts.

Centro photo

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