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Schedule 2015

  • January            Group Show: Black History Month
  • February          Group Show: Black History Month
  • March               Louis Sanders
  • April                 Angela Myers & Dawn Kimble
  • May                  The Village People Show (Photos)
  • June                 Centro: Stephanie Cosby
  • July                  Centro:
  • August             Group Show "Tragedy in Charleston"
  • September       George Welty "My Africa"
  • October            Vinodini Jayaraman
  • November         TBA
  • Dec/Jan 2016    Holiday Group Show

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aether: Stephanie Cosby


I remember whispering to my Mother, “What is God?” and her answering, “A mysterious force in the universe.” I also remember visiting the cemetery at night, enthralled by the darkness of an unlit country road. What occurred there in that void of light, that vast darkness of night, was the understanding that I’m in a body—which is on a planet—that is spinning through space.

My current project Cosmos, is an examination of experiences involving things not proven by science such as: ghost encounters, clairvoyance and telepathy. It's written that only 4% of the universe is known and we normally use just 10% of our brains. Science admits there is much more going on, but the fallibility of human perception makes research difficult. The human mind is prone to distort reality—even hallucinate emotional realities...and this is a common human practice.

When I’m working I'm led to these questions: How does humanity discover or accept new

things it has no frame of reference for, no language for? How do we explore unknown, unseen realms when we have such strong imprints of the physical world (of visible matter) embedded in our minds? How do we bypass these images to see new, unfamiliar ones? How do we surpass our beliefs about what's real and what's fantasy—to be in a position to experience the unseen, not usually perceived parts of our universe? In Cosmos I can hold space for exploring these questions and ideas.

The mini-series called aether (within the Cosmos project) is comprised of "tree planet" images. Visually, it's in conversation with my Empty The Cache series from 2013, where I explore perceptual shifts that can take place in a void of light, the presence of black space—nothingness.

Here the black space surrounds celestial bodies made from photographing circular cross sections of fallen trees. These surreal images set the stage for future photographic conversations in my work about: perceptions of time, space and matter—in relation to communication.

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Latino Art Group





aether | Stephanie Cosby

Photographs on view June 1st through July 4th
Reception Thursday June 4th 6-8pm followed by a public lecture on muralims at 7pm by Dr. Guisela Latorre from The Ohio State University. Lecture sponsored by Crosstown Arts and UrbanArt Comission.

Guisala LatorreGuisela Latorre specializes in modern and contemporary U.S. Latina/o and Latin American art with a special emphasis on gender and women artists. Her first book titled Walls of Empowerment: explored the recurrence of indigenist motifs in Chicana/o community murals from the 1970s to the turn of the millennium.

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Closed on Sundays and the Holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.