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Caritas Hope Gallery

Schedule 2015

  • January            Group Show: Black History Month
  • February          Group Show: Black History Month
  • March               Louis Sanders
  • April                 Angela Myers & Dawn Kimble
  • May                  High School Community Art Show
  • June/July          Centro Cultural Latino De Memphis
  • August             TBA
  • September       George Welty "My Africa"
  • October            TBA
  • November        TBA
  • December        TBA

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Artist: Dawn Kimble

Artist, Activist, Educator

As a native Memphian, Dawn is an outstanding community leader, grass roots organizer, visual artist and small business owner who builds alliances, creates connections, and fights for issues that affect the quality of life in the Memphis community.

Dawn has learned to embrace all of her talents, and prides herself on being a renaissance woman. She is a creative chameleon and effortlessly uses her art as a voice in the community; As a visual artist and sculptor, she has created curriculums and self-empowerment events as a way to communicate, recreate and uplift underprivileged or underserved populations, As owner and creator at New Tribe New Traditions; a t-shirt company she started, she reaches out to teens and helps them to develop a since of autonomy and positive self -worth, and as an organic urban farmer, she collaborates with local farmers and citizens to create urban garden spaces as a way to address food deserts in the inner city.

Angela Myers, Artist

Artist Statement

Creativity is the essence of who I am as an artist. I love to explore uncharted waters thereby pushing myself to do things I’ve never done. My artistic strengths lie in experimenting with textures, utilizing unique materials and expanding the horizons of color. The backstories surrounding my pieces are as varied as the works themselves. I usually paint to music, which serves as a source of inspiration. I also love to work outside and draw energy from the natural wonders that surround me.

My purpose as an artist is to use the gifts endowed to me by my Creator to share Him with the world. I am an artist of great faith and I want people to connect with my work on a spiritual level. I never limit myself because that is how imagination dies and loses its significance. When I create a piece, my goal is to move the audience through a careful, sometimes cryptic, series of colors and textures causing them to be enveloped by the mood I sought to awaken.

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Latino Art Group

Will present exhibitions, performances, dialogue and art talks through out the summers here at Caritas Village. Centro Cultural Latino de Memphis celebrates and promotes awareness of the Latino cultural richness and diversity, interpreted through the Arts.

Centro photo

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Caritas hours of operation: 9am - 8pm, Monday - Saturday
Closed on Sundays and the Holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.